Our leadership team promote an ethos of excellence and a drive to deliver the absolute best across the entire company.

With a wealth of experience across multiple business sectors, our leaders leverage this expertise to consistently ensure all work is of the highest standard to develop and maintain positive client relationships.

John Aylott - Managing Director UK

John Aylott
Managing Director UK

+44 (0) 1737 227 372

A Co-founder and Managing Director of Fourleaf since 2001, John likes to build long term client relationships with a balanced reactive and proactive approach, adding value to join a client’s needs with innovative ideas and solutions created by our team.

With a commercial and strategic approach to the continued development of Fourleaf and to new and existing clients, John also has significant experience of working in complex sectors such as energy, technology and pharmaceuticals, often providing project oversight, top level strategy and project management support.

Over the last two decades he has been privileged to work in all areas of the Fourleaf business so has an in depth understanding of both creative and technically led projects.

Richard Payne - Creative Director

Richard Payne
Creative Director

+44 (0) 1737 227 374

As Fourleaf’s Creative Director for over a decade Richard brings a strategic mindset to projects from initial conception through to final delivery. With a background in visual communication design and data visualization.

Richard uses his knowledge gained from the last 15 years of working with clients in the energy sector and other specialised industries to give all work a precise purpose, clear narrative and creative execution.

A strong advocate of collaboration between creative and technical teams, Richard leverages the vast experience contained within them to ensure solutions are both creatively engaging and technically viable to deliver powerful results.

Jeff Wadey - Client Services Director

Jeff Wadey
Client Services Director

+44 (0) 1737 227 370

Jeff has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years and joined Fourleaf in 2009. He bought with him a wealth of experience in helping clients navigate the creative process and believes that lasting partnerships are built through collaboration and open communication.

Prior to Fourleaf, Jeff worked within a leading brand naming and strategy agency, working closely with clients to introduce themselves and their product to a global audience.

Blending his hands-on account and project management style with a relentless drive to bring quality solutions to every project he is involved with, Jeff understands each client’s needs, driving value and delivering successful projects.

Paul Bothof - Managing Director NL

Paul Bothof
Managing Director NL

+31 (0) 6 170 321 80

15 years ago Paul started his career in the creative sector and has worked for multiple design and ad agencies as designer and art director and eventually started his own company. Paul always tries to achieve the best strategic, creative and technical solution for clients and likes to ask the question behind the question.

Together with Fourleaf UK Paul started the NL office early 2016. In the last 3 years he has built a team with a high level set of skills and a lot of experience by which they service global clients in energy, technology and environment related projects.

When there is a challenge, Paul will find a solution for it. Whether it’s a complex marketing challenge that needs a creative approach or a last minute request with a very tight deadline that needs all hands on deck, Paul and his team will always find a way to service the client’s needs.

The leadership team is supported by a vibrant group of experienced individuals with a diverse skillset of strategic thinkers, thoughtful creatives and advanced technical specialists.

We have produced exceptional projects for a diverse range of clients across the energy, technology and environmental sectors.