We deliver hundreds of innovative projects every year, each one demonstrating the depth of talent within the Fourleaf team. We are proud to share a few selected highlights here.

With our studio continually working with clients on new projects, if you have something specific in mind then please contact us and we will be happy to provide a bespoke creds deck.

DSM Desolite Supercoatings

This new solutions from Royal DSM needed a modern and sophisticated approach to position them as a leader in the field of fiber optics.

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Engie needed a graphical language to explaining their products and services in an easy to understand way using infographics and animation.

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Working with io’s existing brand guidelines and related assets we created a multitude of communications materials to present io as disruptors within their field.

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Mobility Matters

The City of Rotterdam required a strong visual identity for a high profile event organised to highlight the need to improve its public mobility.

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As an innovative new piece of technology this required a visual identity for impactful and dynamic communications to be used at events and new business presentations.

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Shell Chemicals

Fourleaf have been supporting the Chemicals business within Shell for a number of years, across wide ranging target audiences and an even broader selection of deliverables.

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Shell Make the Future

This global, dynamic event hosted by Shell aims to engage and educate all ages about the necessity to create a more sustainable, energy-rich, lower carbon future.

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Shell Scenarios

The future of energy and its challenges is a complex and sensitive arena requiring clear messaging delivered in innovative and engaging ways.

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We have produced exceptional projects for a diverse range of clients across the energy, technology and environmental sectors.